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We are the experts in Timber Frame Construction, with over 4,500 Timber Frame homes built in Ireland and the UK. To us Timber Frame is a 3 part process – Design, Manufacture and On site construction – once you realise and maintain the quality and workmanship through all 3 phases then we believe there is no better method of house construction.


At GBC we design and manufacture all our high specification Timber Frame Homes in our modest factory based at Midleton Co. Cork. Within a controlled factory environment we can ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the highly engineered design and manufacturing process, guaranteeing the workmanship and quality of your home



During the manufacturing process, our high performance Passive and Near Passive homes have Insulation and air tightness products installed or as we call it “factory fitted”. These Timber Frame Panels are a closed panel system, and are completed in house this way to ensure the highest quality, Passive or high performance home is delivered to site.


On site, experience and knowledge are key to ensuring that the continuity of the quality process is maintained. Our on site staff have many years experience in the construction and completion of our Passive and high performance quality homes.

Along with experience and knowledge attention to detail and a high quality finish are some of the many qualities which separate us from the rest.


Whether it is a Turnkey or a Self build project you will be assured that the same approach, processes, quality and attention to detail will ensure you get the home you’ve been dreaming of.


Send us your plans for a free quotation or contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs – 021 4630659


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Below are some of the thermal options available with the relevant U-Values associated with their performance – remember the lower the U-Value the higher the performance –



To maintain our standards and high quality, we provide you with a pre delivery Energy Assessment or BER rating, and on every house using our air tight system we carry out an on site blower door test performed by independent – objective – contractors to guarantee the air tightness of your new home.


The benefits:


Timber frame offers a genuinely sustainable method of construction. Unlike tropical forests, Nordic and Scottish softwood forests are growing in size, despite the increase in timber frame demand. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide, the main ‘greenhouse’ gas and timber processing residues are largely re-used for other products, meaning little waste.


Environmentally friendly

In addition to the environmental benefits of timber as a construction material, the high thermal insulation means that living in a timber framed house also minimises the effects of burning fossil fuels and the ‘Greenhouse effect’.


Low weight
Lightweight construction requires less expensive foundations for a given building volume and enables larger buildings to be constructed on sites with poor ground conditions, eg brown field sites.


Not weather dependent
Rapid completion of structural or weatherproof shell enables the internal fitout to begin earlier, with less dependence on weather conditions. Site planning is therefore more predictable. A typical house can be made weather tight in less than 5 days.


Removes block work from the ‘critical path’
Factory prefabrication removes block laying from the critical path, so other trades can begin work on the building before the masonry leaf is completed.


Drying-out time
Reduced drying-out time for wet trades means internal finishing can be completed sooner with less risk of shrinkage cracks and subsequent expensive call backs.


Improved quality
CAD/CAM technology ensures factory quality is consistent and accurate. Each unit is an engineered solution and depends less on site skills, which provides finished homes with fewer defects and much improved consistency across the site.
Economic use of materials
Because all of the structural materials for a timber framed building are factory prepared and quantified there is much less need for excess material on site, thus reducing waste, loss by theft and allows a cleaner, safer site.



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We'd love to hear from you and discuss your project.

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